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Online Training Programs

Indian classical vocal music online instruments training 
					program Skype lessons Indian classical dance forms Kathak Odissi online training program Skype lessons

Dance & Music

GAALC offers curriculum guided 24 / 36 / 54 months duration certificate level online training programs in Indian classical Dance forms, vocal singing and instrumental music including Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced training levels with live online class lessons conducted through Skype.

Indian languages online training program classes Skype 
					live lessons


GAALC offers curriculum guided 6 / 12 / 24 months duration certificate level online training programs for learning International and Indian regional languages in written, grammer and spoken accent training formats with live online language training class lessons conducted through Skype

Theatre drama online training program classes Hindi 
					Film movies acting lessons Learn how to act online acting training program classes 
					Bollywood Film movies acting lessons

Theatre Acting

GAALC offers curriculum guided 6 / 12 / 24 months duration certificate level online training programs to learn Theatre acting, drama act, mono acting, Film movies, Television acting with beginner and advanced training levels & live online acting class lessons conducted through Skype


Global Academy of Arts, Languages and culture : is an international academy offering hobby learning distance education programs with online training class lessons for the promotion and development of Indian and global arts, languages and culture. GAALC as an organization is promoted and managed by a group of senior artists, speciality education professionals and management professionals.

GAALC conducts distance education hobby learning programs of variable term duration for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with online class lessons and as short term programs (of 24 months duration), regular term (of 36 months duration), extended term duration (of 54 months duration) in Music, Dance, Yoga, Acting Mono Drama and Languages training on Skype or Google hangouts. GAALC also offers the popular short term online hobby learning programs of 3, 6 and 12 months duration for self employment through daily life activities like learning photography, interior decoration, beauty therapy, culinary, make-up artistry, fashion designing and astrology training online etc on Skype or Google hangouts.

The unlimited duration hobby e-learning programs in Yoga, Music and Dance with online class lessons on free to use Skype or Google hangouts are offered by GAALC. The online training program lessons are live, real time, interactive classes conducted as one-on-one private online lessons and as group training online lessons for a group of 2 / 3 online students.

At GAALC we are dedicated to offer world-class, high quality, affordable online education and training programs for the promotion and development of Indian / Global arts, languages and culture. For further details on the online hobby learning programs offered by GAALC, online Skype music, dance, yoga, theatre and languages training lessons cost, online training instructors, online trainer class schedules, online learning lessons by Indian teachers guru, affordable low cost price online Skype lessons and Youtube free training video lessons. For GAALC online school academy admissions: Contact GAALC.


Global Academy of Arts, Languages & Culture
Online Training Programs


GAALC - Global Academy of Arts, Languages and Culture is one of the top rated international school based in India and conducting distance learning programs – e-learning program courses - offering web internet based online hobby learning class lessons on Skype and Google hangouts. These live, one-on-one, interactive private online training lessons are offered to learn Indian Yoga online, music (vocal singing and instrumental music), dance, languages, theatre and cultural studies etc. A few online programs by GAALC also offer online group training classes for a group of 2 / 3 online students.

The curriculum guided online training programs by GAALC are of different duration, developed by a team of senior educators, subject experts, highly qualified and experienced artists, trainers and professionals in their respective fields of activity. The short term, regular term, extended term and unlimited term online training program class lessons are conducted by the famous Indian guru teachers, online international tutors and the best training instructors from all over the world.

GAALC online training progarams are offered by:

GAALC school of Yoga
- Further details: Yoga Classess
GAALC school of Music
- Further details: Music Classess
GAALC school of Dance
- Further details: Dance Classess
GAALC school of Languages
- Further details: Languages Classess
GAALC school of Drama Theatre Acting
- Further details: Drama/ Acting Classess
GAALC school of Culture studies
- Further details: Cultural Studies Classess

The Advantages Of Online Learning Lessons Offered By GAALC:

  • Live, one-on-one, real time, interactive online private training lessons with flexible time schedules for global students of all age groups, learning levels & Genre.
  • Affordable, low-cost price, convenient online training lessons schedule for almost all the global time zones, multilingual lessons, options of 1/2 or 3 online classes/week.
  • Save on valuable travel time, traffic woes and cost of travelling to the nearest teachers / training schools, learn in relaxed manner at home as online private lessons.
  • Safe & convenient option for kids, children, women & elders to learn at home online, the family members or friends & colleagues can learn together comfortably.
  • Freedom to learn at one's own pace & convenient time schedules with flexible course duration programs & time schedules, easily adjustable with busy work schedules.
  • Better consistency & concentration, least missed classes due to flexible schedules of online classes. Make-up / replacement classes available for the classes missed.
  • Advanced, international standard training curriculum, an effective & modern distance e-learning program for beginners, intermediate & advanced level students.
  • Learning from the International faculty of online instructors including the top qualified, best experienced professional teachers online from all over the world.
  • Advanced E-books learning content & practice tools / techniques for all learning levels with regular expert opinion feedback & improvement tips by GAALC faculty.


Indian classical light vocal Carnatic Hindustani Hindi singing online lessons
School Of Vocal Music
Indian classical musical instruments playing online training Skype lessons
School Of Instrumental Music
Indian classical dance training online classes Skype dancing lessons guru
School Of Dance
Theatre acting online drama training classes Skype theatre lessons TV Films
School Of Drama
Indian regional spoken languages training online classes learn Hindi Tamil
School Of Languages
Indian Yoga learning online classes Yoga training guru meditation lessons
School Of Yoga Sciences

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