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GAALC - POLICIES, TERMS & CONDITIONS: The policies, terms and conditions of GAALC in brief are:

Enrollment in Courses / Programs:
The individuals can enroll for regular courses or online training courses in their desired available genre of Vocal music / Instrumental music / Dance through the online admission form provided on select websites of GAALC or by visiting GAALC administrative office or by visiting any of GAALC franchise centers and providing all the required information for the enrollment. Students can also enroll for the desired programs by visiting any of GAALC centers in India and abroad. Enrollment in more than one genre of hobby training certificate level course / program is allowed. Enrollment in certificate level hobby learning programs is open all year round with fresh time slots being available every week (for online classes) and fresh batches starting every month (for regular classroom programs at GAALC centers). The registration in any program is subject to the availability of the seats in group classes and the time slots and is at the sole discretion of GAALC management.

Programs, Program duration:
GAALC certificate level hobby training program courses for Vocal / Instrumental music / Dance in different genres are: Introductory certificate program for beginners (24 classes / 6 months duration), Intermediate certificate program (24 classes / 6 months duration) and advanced certificate level program (48 classes / 12 months duration). All the certificate level programs are curriculum guided programs and method of training is offered through regular classroom training (individual classes / group classes / at home classes) or through online live classes facilitated through Skype / Google hangouts.

Online School classes by GAALC: The web internet based online live training in vocal / instrumental music / dance in different genres are conducted by GAALC as real time, one-on-one, interactive classes for the global students. The enrollment for online music training programs and online dance training programs is open all year round with fresh batches starting every week. The certificate level online programs being conducted on free to use Skype and Google hangouts are curriculum guided programs and the online classes are conducted for individual students (one-on-one basis). GAALC reserves the right to record (Audio - Video) the online classes for quality assessment, training, education, publishing, promotions, public viewing and other uses. GAALC conducts online classes on all 7 days of a week (Monday to Sunday) between 7 AM to 10 PM India time. The online school remains closed on National holidays in India and for Indian festivals of Holi, Dusshera and Diwali.

Admission registration process for online classes, Class time schedules:
The individuals can enroll for the online training courses in their desired available genre of Vocal music / Instrumental music / Dance through the online admission form provided on select websites of GAALC. After receiving the admission details through the online admission form, GAALC will reply back to the student within 48 working hours including further information on the online training program, options for online class schedules, fee, fee payment options etc. After receiving the said information the student can pay the fee through desired option and will have to communicate on the desired time schedule for the online classes.

After completion of admission registration process with payment of the fees and receipt of a unique student registration number, the student has to communicate on desired time schedule for the classes by mentioning any three different time schedules (3 best convenient time schedules for taking online classes) for the weekly online classes. The online class is organized and conducted according to the mutual convenient time schedule for the student and for any of the GAALC faculty members. GAALC has multiple faculty members (in all genres of music and dance) available for conducting the online classes; GAALC reserves the right to allot the online class to any of the faculty member available to conduct the weekly online classes.
The weekly online classes are conducted according to the mutual convenience of the time schedule between the student and GAALC faculty members, GAALC school tries its best to set up the weekly time schedule according to the student's preferred time schedules but in case if all the preferred 3 time slots - schedules of the student is not available then the student will have to mention another three best convenient time schedules for the online class, the weekly online class is set up according to the convenient time slot available with any of the GAALC faculty members.

Flexibility of online class time schedules: GAALC online classes are one-on-one online lessons and so have limited flexibility in set up of the desired time schedules, the weekly time schedules can be set up with mutual convenience between the students and online faculty members at GAALC. The online class schedules are flexible subject to the availability of the time slots for online classes with GAALC faculty members and GAALC studio.

Online classes: Attendance, Missed Classes, Replacement / Make Up classes:
Attendance of minimum 90% in online classes is compulsory to appear in examination. The online classes missed by the student can be provided with the replacement classes (at the discretion of the GAALC management and online teacher, subject to availability of mutually convenient time slots) if GAALC / online teacher receives the request for online class cancellation minimum 48 hours prior to the class schedule and is subject to the convenience of the teacher however, the online class student can request for a maximum 4 number of online class cancellations (and complementary make up classes) in the entire academic term of 6 months duration and a maximum 8 number of online class cancellations (and complementary make up classes) in the entire academic term of 12 months duration.

Any additional replacement / make up online class above the mentioned limit of 4 / 8 complementary make up classes (against online class cancellation request by the student) will be charged according to the prevailing fee of online class (subject to the availability of time slot and at sole discretion of GAALC management).

The student must inform GAALC office if a student wants long duration leave (for more than four weeks) due to any reason. The online classes will be discontinued and will be resumed after the period of leave. GAALC cannot guarantee the online classes with availability of the same online teacher or at the same time slot in the case of long duration leave. The students missing the online classes frequently, for duration of more than 45 days (after payment of the monthly fee) without providing any justified prior information of the absence will get their name removed from the rolls (on sole discretion of the management) and will have to register again on payment of the admission registration fee, thereafter the student can continue taking online classes.

Replacement / Make Up class is offered by GAALC in case of any unavoidable disruption in continuation of the online classes due to few reasons, the conditions in which GAALC will offer the online replacement / make up classes are:

- Leave request by the student pre-approved by GAALC
- Leave application request by the faculty member / online teacher pre-approved by GAALC
- Emergency health reasons or in case of unforeseeable events with student / teacher.
- Teacher being unavailable due to delay in reaching at GAALC studio (delay due to bad traffic conditions / bad weather / other reasons) and online class being cancelled due to it.
- Internet connectivity problem / any technical problem at GAALC studio / teacher's end / student's end (maximum 2 class schedules).
- Any other unforeseeable circumstances / reasonable condition at both ends.

In case of any missed class by the student due to the technical reasons, the technical assistance team at GAALC studio will assist the student to rectify the technical problem, set up the connectivity as required or to upgrade the system as required for conduction the online classes. The availability of the required technical status for uninterrupted conduction of the online classes at the student's end is a sole responsibility of the student only and GAALC can only provide the distance information through e-mail on the technical requirements and set up / connectivity assistance. If an online class is missed by a student, the student can request for the recording version of the class to be sent or can buy an extra online class session with the teacher (subject to availability of mutually convenient time slots).

GAALC would try best to continue conducting the online classes of any particular student with the same initially allotted teacher for the entire program duration without changing the online teacher. If due to any unavoidable circumstances GAALC has to change a teacher in mid-term, the student will be notified in advance about the change. All the faculty members at GAALC are qualified, experienced and trained teachers, in case of a mid-term change of a teacher (which may happen in rare cases) the new faculty member allotted will continue training further from the point where the earlier teacher had completed, since all of the GAALC online training programs are well structured and curriculum guided programs so there will be negligible effect of the change in teaching faculty for the student. The online classes can be conducted by any of the faculty members of the specific genre, GAALC management reserves the right to allot any of the faculty members of specific genre to teach the students or change the faculty member at any time during the academic term.

E-books / Theory notes / Books / DVDs / CDs for online students & GIFT:

The E-books and theory notes and music notations are provided to the online students on the complementary basis for almost all of the online training programs in different music genres and are non compulsory / non binding on the part of GAALC to provide them to any student as a part of training program. The list of recommended Books / DVDs / CDs on the related subjects (according to the level of training) is provided to all the students, these can be helpful for training process and can be bought by the students from sellers / publishers / GAALC. GIFT (Guru's interactive feedback technique) program for the online students is offered on complementary basis for almost all of the online training programs and is non compulsory / non binding on the part of GAALC to provide them to any student as a part of training program.

Musical Instruments and Dance accessories Buying Assistance: GAALC offers assistance to the online students in buying high quality musical instruments and dance accessories from renowned manufactures and sellers and for shipping the same to the students. GAALC only offers the assistance in buying and is not a seller or manufacturer itself, so is non-binding with any seller / buyer term & conditions and will not be responsible for any warranties / guaranties offered by the respective sellers / manufacturer. Students are advised to use their own judgment and reasoning when buying the musical instruments / dance accessories from the sellers. For further assistance please write to GAALC student assistance section.

Free or Paid Trial / Sample / Demo class (online / regular programs): As a professionally managed school, an academy, GAALC does not offer any free or paid trial classes / sample classes / demonstration classes for any of the regular programs or online programs. Students can visit You tube channel of Diyva music to view the free videos of online classes and regular classes.

Extra classes, Additional online classes for practice (Riyaz):

Students can get extra online classes for an effective practice (riyaz) with guru, these extra classes are useful for the students who find difficult to practice alone, solo practice (in case of duets), do not get time for practice alone (but can allot mutually convenient time for practice with guru and become binding with time for practice - riyaz), need practice sessions during travel and for other reasons. The extra classes can be taken any time (subject to availability of time slots) from GAALC after payment of the prevailing fee for the online classes.

Online Classes - Fee schedule, Mode of fee payment, Fee Refunds, Fee discounts:

The prescribed standard tuition fee for all the online programs is to be paid in advance to GAALC on monthly / quarterly / half yearly / annual basis. The monthly / quarterly or other fee payments on installment plans are not available for some online training programs; a few select training programs like Sarangi instrumental online training program are available on payment of entire program cost basis only (non-refundable fee). The current currency exchange rate (calculated on the date of communication and the date of fee payment) will be applicable for the fee quoted in foreign currency, if paid in Indian rupees (INR) by foreign based students. The recommended one time admission registration fee (non-refundable) is to be paid along with the first month fee. The fee is to be paid on regular basis according to the recommended fee schedule and on or before stipulated dates. If the fee is not paid by the students on or before the last date (for fee payment) the online teacher or GAALC management will refuse to allow the student to continue the online classes any further. The student can continue the online classes after paying the monthly fee with a late fee charge of Rs. 500 within four weeks after the last day of the fee payment. The fee paid is non transferable.

If the student wishes to rejoin after four weeks lapse of the last date for fee payment, the student will have to pay the admission registration fee with the monthly fee. The fresh admission of the student in such cases will be subject to availability of slots and on the sole discretion of GAALC management.

The fee can be paid through Credit card / Debit card (via PayPal), PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, Bank wire transfer and NEFT (for Non Resident Indians). GAALC revises the overall fee structure on annual basis in the month of October / November every year. GAALC, however reserves the rights to revise the fee cost, fee payment plan, mode of fee payment and overall fee structure at any time for the online training programs without any prior notice. Once the fee structure revision becomes effective, all the current and new / prospective students will have to pay the fee according to the revised fee structure from the date / month of revised fee being effective.

Student admission registration fee is non-refundable. Fee paid on monthly basis is non-refundable. Fee refunds for online training programs is applicable on entire program fee payment plans ( 6 / 12 / 24 months duration fee) only. All fee refund requests must be sent in writing providing the reason of requesting the refunds. The final refundable amount (if any) will be sent through the same method and source / to the same bank account from which the amount was received. GAALC online training program students are advised to review and adhere to the following fee refund policies:

-Fee refund request received up to 72 hours prior to the start of the program: 100% refund.
-Fee refund request received before the actual start of the program: 50% refund.
-Fee refund request received within first week of the start of the program: 15% refund.
-Fee refund request received after one week of the start of the program: 5% refund.
-Fee refund request received after two weeks of the start of the program: No refunds.

1. A refund processing charge of INR Rs. 590 / US$ 11 (including bank charges / refund transaction charges) will be applicable and deductable to all the refunds and to the refundable amount (if any).
2. Fee refunds processing may take minimum 15 days to maximum 45 days of time (excluding the actual payment processing time taken by the bank / other money transaction medium) due to internal assessment of accounts, studio logs, class details, student feedback, teacher feedback, class recordings etc.

It is compulsory to start the online classes with in 30 days after registration and payment of the fee. If the student has not started the online classes after 30 days of the registration and payment of the fee, the fee paid by the student will be considered as non-refundable. Such student can start the online classes any time later, subject to any revision in the fee structure and after payment of any difference in the fee.

Fee discounts are available for following category of the online students at GAALC: Seniors, Differently-able students, economicall weaker students and for the students combining online training program with online music therapy / dance therapy programs. Limited duration fee discount plans are offered by GAALC on payment of the discounted fee on quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis, Gift subscription discounts,'ONE FAMILY ONE SCHOOL' plan discounts are offered. For further details on current fee discount offers please contact GAALC.

Periodic Assessments, Examinations, Grading of Skills for regular and online programs:

At each training level, a periodic assessment of individual students is done by the teachers during the regular / online program to judge the progress in learning process for acquiring the desired levels of skill, to provide any specific tips or additional individual training (if required) for the improvement. It is essential to have required attendance in all the classes of the academic term, to complete all the academic assignments according to the prescribed curriculum and to appear in the examination at the end of the academic term to secure a passing grade for advancing to the next level of training programs and to get a certification.

Since certificate level programs offered by GAALC are hobby learning programs for joy of learning music and dance and are equally popular among students of all age groups (kids to elders) and social / educational background (low / partial education / regular education / high education) so appearance in examination is optional and is not compulsory of binding on part of the student or is in no way an essential requisite for advancement to the next certification level program. The examination is simply a self assessment of acquired skills by qualified and experienced examiners (by GAALC faculty and invited external faculty). Attendance of a minimum 90% in the regular / online training classes is required to appear in the end of academic term examination. There must be no academic fee dues and examination fee dues before appearing for the end of academic term examination.

The end of academic term examinations is conducted at GAALC franchise centers for the regular classroom students and online examinations are conducted for the online students. The examination includes theory, viva voce and practical. Prescribed examination fee for regular / online training programs is to be deposited with GAALC minimum 15 days prior to the individual examination schedule. Schedule of examination is sent to individual students through email. Certificates are issued to the successful students and certificates are sent by registered post to the student's correspondence address.

The grading in (end of the academic term) examinations includes attendance grade, regular assessment grades, assignments completion grades and the final grading (marks) secured in end of academic term examination. The final grading of individual students by the examiners and the examination body would be according to the marks and points secured and would reflect as:

- Grade A (91% to 100%),
- Grade B (81% to 90%),
- Grade C (71% to 80%),
- Grade D (61% to 70%),
- Grade E (51% to 60%) and

The tuition fee and the examination fee needs to be paid for any program classes to be taken again and for appearing in the examination again for grade F students.

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